• About Us

    SPecial EDucation Coaches

    We are highly qualified advocates providing assistance to
    special needs families throughout the State of Arizona.  We, as
    parents and grandparents, understand how effortful it can be to
    navigate the educational system, and agree, it should not be
    a struggle. Your time and energy should be focused on the
    betterment and future of your child. Our goal is to educate
    parents to be their child’s best advocate. 

    Stay Tuned!

    Please, stay tuned for more information on our 501c,
    Fostering for Hope.

    Our mission is to provide systemic change in the Foster/Adoption
    and Behavioral Health Communities and well-being  of all members of the community through educational advocacy, support and resources.

    Meet Our Coaches

    Denise Springer

     Educational Coach and Marketing Manager

    • First and foremost, I am a mom to Christopher (20), and Katarina (16) both whom have disabilities. 
    • I struggled for years on how to navigate the
      educational system and needed to hire an advocate. 
    • These struggles are real and heartbreaking. 
    • Special Education Services should not have to be a struggle. How did I help my children? I learned how to empower myself through training's, seminars, books, and then worked for four years as an advocate, and started a company to support families with the same needs my family had and has.
    • My desire for you is to be able to advocate for your child, and I will coach you every step of the way.

    Angela McDonald

      M.Ed., Autism and Behavior Specialist

    • I have experience both as a professional and a parent of children who have special needs. 
    • I am passionate about helping parents get the services that  will best meet their child's educational needs, to help them transition into higher education or a job that meets their unique interests and abilities. 
    • I also have 24 years of experience in special education administration, curriculum, and instruction. I specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorders and work to use my education and experience to support families.